Celtic Suite



Originally written for Rednock School String Orchestra in Dursley, Gloucestershire, this piece has three movements and is written for string players ranging from absolute beginners up to around Grade 4 – only the 1st violin part occasionally explores third position. The orchestration is for three violins, two violas, two cellos and double basses. Contrary to many pieces for less experienced ensembles, the non-optional 3rd violin part is not designed as an alternative to viola, but Viola 2 and Cello 2 parts are optional and, like the 3rd violin, mainly uses open strings with limited use of fingering. The melodies, although Celtic in style, are not actual folk melodies at all. A set includes a score, 5 copies of each violin part, 3 of each viola and cello part and 2 copies of the double bass part. Total playing time ca. 6-7 minutes.